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Monday, February 25, 2008

Jalan-jalan ke Malaysia-Singapore


The materials are used as substances physical factors of production or manufacture. Natural materials ranging from entities such as copper or wood to man made many synthetic products such as plastics. In manufacturing, materials tracking sometimes represent physical objects or substances, as in Material Master Data covering both materials of this vessel physical product, and those that charge a fee; still considered materials. Raw materials, materials in their unchanged, the natural state, are first harvested or extracted from the land and divided into a form that can be easily stored and transported. The raw materials are then processed to produce "semi-finished materials." These can be entered into a new cycle of production and finishing processes to create finished, ready for distribution and consumption. An example of a raw material is cotton, which can be converted into thread, which can then be woven into a semi-finished material. From cutting and sewing the fabric into a garment, which is a material. Is another example of steel production, raw materials are extracted, refined and processed steel, semi-finished products. The steel is then used as an input in many other industries to make finished products.